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Motuara Island

charter motuara island

Guarding the entrance to Queen Charlotte Sound, Motuara Island is covered with regenerating forest and has been pest-free since 1991. It is now a fantastic wildlife refuge just a short distance from the Resort.


Spend a day cruising through the Queen Charlotte Sound eco-marine haven, where seals, dolphins, penguins, gannets and shearwaters abound, to visit Motuara Island. The surrounding Sound also has a resident pod of Hector’s Dolphins, thought to be the rarest marine dolphin in the world.

A Department of Conservation Marine Mammal Watch permit allows us to interact with the local wildlife along the 30 minute journey to the Island, a bird sanctuary that provides a safe haven for many rare species, including the South Island Saddleback and Bush Robin. A Flora and Fauna identification sheets and maps can be provided during your visit, with an onboard commentary by the skipper highlighting points of interest.


Trips can be arranged during your stay, view The Motuara Island Eco Tour Package or contact us and find out more.

Birds found at Motuara Island are:

Tieke - South Island Saddleback
Korora - Little Blue Penguin
Rowi - Okarito Brown Kiwi
Toutouwai – South Island Robin
Kereru – New Zealand Wood Pigeon
Korimako – Bellbird