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Travel Tips


The Marlborough region is New Zealand's sunniest region. Warm, dry and settled weather predominates during summer. Winter days often start with a frost, but are usually mild overall. Typical summer daytime maximum air temperatures range from 20°C to 26°C, but occasionally rise above 30°C. Typical winter daytime maximum air temperatures range from 10°C to 15°C. Annual hours of sunshine average at least 2,400 hours. Bring sunblock and a sun hat, but be prepared to rug up during winter months (June to August).

More information on local weather conditions can be found on the New Zealand Metservice website.


Travel Times

Auckland - Wellington : Road 9 hours – 638 kms : Fly 1 hour

Wellington - Picton : Ferry 3 hours

Blenheim - Picton : Road 30 minutes – 30 kms

Christchurch - Blenheim : Road 4.5 hours - 310 kms  : Fly 30 mins

Note: Travel times are approximate only and depend on conditions



New Zealand currency is the NZ Dollar. There's no restriction to the amount you can bring into the country. Foreign currency can easily be exchanged at banks, hotels and Bureau de Change kiosks. All major credit cards can be used and travelers cheques are widely accepted. ATMs are situated at all banks and shopping centers so if you have a PIN number with your credit card cash can easily be obtained 24 hours a day. Unfortunately foreign currency and travellers cheques cannot be exchanged at the Resort.

To find out the current exchange rates click here currency converter.


Time Difference

New Zealand is 12 hours ahead of GMT and is one of the first places in the world to see the new day. Daylight Saving starts on the first Sunday of October with clocks going forward one hour to GMT + 13 and ending on first Sunday of April with clocks going back to GMT + 12.

The current time at Bay of Many Coves is 1 : 14 pm . Click to view world times.



Electricity in New Zealand is supplied at 230/240 volts (50 hertz). The resort has 110 volt AC sockets (rated at 20 watts) for electric razors only. Adaptors/converters are available for our guests.


Road Rules

If you prefer to drive yourself whilst in New Zealand here’s a few things you need to know

  • You can drive up to 12 months in NZ on your current driving license or International Driving Permit (IDL).
  • Whilst driving all drivers must carry their license with them.
  • We drive on the left-hand side of the road.
  • When turning left give way (yield) to traffic crossing or approaching from your right.
  • When the traffic lights are red you must stop – there is no left turn rule as in North America.
  • Speed limit on the open road is 100km/h (approx 60 mph). In urban areas it's 50km/h.
  • Drivers and all passengers must wear seat belts (both front and back).

A copy of the New Zealand Road Code can be found at all good booksellers or any Automobile Association office in New Zealand.