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Bird Watching

Meet the locals Gannet taking off

An eco-marine haven where unique birdlife abounds.

The Resort is an ornithologist's dream: Dusk will bring the swooping Kereru, Tui and curious Weka. Dawn will begin with a chorus of native birds including the beautiful bellbird.

Across the Bay, you will find three Cormorant breeding colonies.  Easily accessible by kayak or dinghy these birds provide year round entertainment – none more so when the young birds are learning to fly, swim and fish.

A trip to nearby Motuara Island will reward you with a glorious cross section of New Zealand birdlife, while a little further on, you will arrive at the only King Cormorant breeding colony in the world.


Trips can be arranged during your stay or view our Motuara Island package > Motuara Island Eco Tour